Solae in India

As a partnership between The Solae Company, Enterprise for a Sustainable World, and Cornell University's Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise, a Base of the Pyramid Protocol project is being conducted in India, with teams working in the Indiramma Nagar cluster of slums in Hyderabad as well as in the Parvathagiri and Annaram Sharif villages of Warangal District in the state of Andra Pradesh.

In country partners include the Society for Integrated Development in Urban and Rural Areas (SIDUR), Modern Architects for Rural India (MARI), Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty (SERP), the Indian School of Business, and Aide et Action India (AeA).

A summary of the immersion phase of the Solae Protocol project is below.

Summary of the Solae BoP Protocol Immersion

The Solae BoP Protocol immersion was conducted over a 16 week period from April 16 to July 30, 2006, which included an 11 week in-field immersion period and a 5 week data gathering and business concept development period.  The immersion was targeted in two sites in India: the Indiramma Nagar slum cluster in the Rhasool Pura area of Hyderabad, and the Parvathagiri mandal of the Warangal District.  Each of the seven member team conducted a week long homestay with a host family in one of the target communities. 

The Protocol team lived and worked in each target site and conducted a series of community meetings, engagements and workshops. In total the team held 40+ meetings with community groups, 15 Participatory Rural Appraisal sessions, 17 entrepreneurship and business concept development workshops, in addition to a number of informal interviews, social gatherings, and other relationship building interactions within the communities.  Several potential business concepts were co-developed with groups from each community site and the concepts were further refined and developed over the last six weeks of the project with the full participation of community members from each site. 

Project Team

Erik Simanis, Patrick Donohue, Padma Buggineni, Paul v Chater, Sonika Giddiga, Shweta Aggarwal, Srinivasan Sankar, Ravi Chandra Raju

BoP Protocol team members working with villagers in Parvathagiri, AP, India
Part of the Indiramma Nagar slum cluster in Hyderabad, India


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